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30 June
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Im short (5'2) im 18 and i live a normal practical life. I live in a normal sized house have a normal size bedroom and dont yet have a car altho i want one! Oh and i also have a pretty much normal family! I have a great boyfriend (Mart) and a cutie dog (Eddie)! My most fave film ever is Perfect Blue! I dunno why but it totaly rocks! Oh and im a HUGE Carrie Anne Moss fan and also Hugo Weaving fan, there are both my idols, i have a really unhealthy obsession with CAM and Amanda Tapping!

"I'm somebody who wants to have a normal life with extraordinary experiances". ~Carrie-Anne Moss

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I adopted a cute lil' monkey fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Adopted by Sammy
Adopt a werewolf at BloodMoon Studios
BMS Adopt-A-Werewolf

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